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about us

Our mission is to bring the ocean to the people.
We believe that the future of our planet depends on the health of our ocean, and that a healthy ocean depends on us. We use wonder, curiosity, and discovery to inspire our communities to value the exploration and conservation of the sea.
The Challenge
The ocean is essential to life on this planet. It plays a dominant role in shaping climate change. And it holds abundant opportunity and solutions to our greatest challenges. But for many, the ocean is so vast, deep, and far away, and climate science is so complex and uncertain, that it's hard to connect with the importance of ocean exploration, research, and conservation.
At OLLIE, we seek to break down intellectual, socioeconomic, and geographic barriers to exploration and discovery of the ocean world. We combine the power of traveling, immersive experiences and hands-on, social learning to make ocean and climate science accessible to all. Learn more about our work.

We bring the ocean to those who can't venture to it themselves, but we can't do it alone. OLLIE is fiscally sponsored by Maritime Gloucester, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. EIN 04-3480870. Donate here.


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