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Yale Climate Opinion Maps

Explore how Americans’ climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy support vary at the state, congressional district, metro area, and county levels.


A great visualization of current global ocean and atmosphere. More user-friendly than Earth Nullschool, but not as much info on the ocean, and can't go back in time.

Seafood Watch

A helpful guide for navigating the complicated world of sustainable seafood. In addition to the website, they also have Android and iOS apps for shopping for seafood on the go.

SeaGrass Grow Carbon Calculator

Calculate the footprint of your trip, home, or business, and offset your carbon by supporting the restoration of carbon-sequestering seagrass beds.

Science on a Sphere Explorer

Explore the many facets of climate change on this interactive globe, including animated maps and explanatory videos. Downloadable application for PC, Android or iOS.

Sailing Seas of Plastic

This map shows the estimated amount of plastic floating in the world’s oceans, based on computer models and research expeditions.


Track animals wearing research satellite tags as they travel across the ocean, including sharks, sea turtles, dolphins, and seals.

Northeast Ocean Data Portal

A ton of ocean data from the continental shelf off of the northeast US, including bird and mammal abundance, fishing locations, and infrastructure and energy development.

NOAA Tides and Currents

Predictions and real-time data for tides, water levels, and currents for the entire US Coastline and Great Lakes.

NOAA Sea Level Trends

The rate of sea level rise is different all over the world. See how fast it's rising (or falling!), and select points on the map to see graphs of local data.


See predicted coastal flooding with future sea level rise. Explore how rising sea level will affect communities based on social vulnerability, property value, and other factors.

Google Earth Engine Timelapse

Watch 34 years of planetary change in seconds, with a timelapse of global satellite images. How has your community or favorite destination changed?

En-ROADS Climate Simulator

What will it take to meet carbon reduction goals and keep the planet from overheating? Move the sliders in this interactive model to see how much impact each policy change will have.

Earth Nullschool

Explore the flow of the global ocean and atmosphere, based on the models used to predict the weather. Click on "earth" in the lower left corner to pull up a menu of options.


Discovery Of Sound In The Sea: Explore the natural and human-made sounds of the ocean, learn more about the science of sound, and explore a wealth of other resources.

Coral Reef Watch

View near-real-time coral reef stress conditions to see where corals are currently in danger of overheating. Click on a virtual station to see forecasted risk and past data.

Climate Reanalyzer

Explore weather maps and timeseries from 1870 to the present

Climate Central SLR Viewer

See predicted coastal flooding with future sea level rise. Explore how rising sea level will affect communities based on social vulnerability, property value, and other factors.

Aqua Monitor

Explore a map of where land has become water (due to floods, sea level rise, etc.), and water has become land (from development, drought, etc.) over the last 30 years.

Ancient Earth Globe

Go back in time to explore how the continents have moved, sea level has risen and fallen, and life has changed over the last 750 Million years!