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Lab Manager

About us


OceanLab is a small nonprofit (In the process of applying for 501(c)(3)) with a mission to engage diverse audiences in ocean conservation and climate action through shared, immersive learning experiences.


What we do


OceanLab works to better connect our communities with our ocean. We create shared spaces, both physical and virtual, to foster engaging, meaningful, solutions-oriented conversations with the public about climate change and ocean conservation, through a variety of tools and methods. We're a place for experimentation—a sandbox for collaboration among scientists, educators, artists, entrepreneurs, creators, community leaders, and partner organizations to experiment with what moves people to protect the ocean and climate. 


We make things like a mobile virtual submarine, a pop-up immersive digital aquarium, a portable digital map table, an online repository and YouTube tutorials for exploring ocean data. We're kicking around other ideas like podcasts, guerrilla public projections, and shared augmented reality experiences. We actively seek collaboration, working with diverse stakeholders and communities on a variety of projects, large and small.


What you'll do


This position will be responsible for helping to make our organization and projects more efficient and effective in its processes. Some of the things we'll collaborate on, with varying degrees of shared responsibility and independence:


Organizational infrastructure

- Choosing and setting up a CRM

- Identifying funding opportunities and planning applications

- Streamlining operational processes like project and task management and accountability

- Creating and updating policies and handbooks

- Researching and implementing best practices for startup small businesses/nonprofits



- Planning, writing, and distributing newsletters, lab notebook, and other internal and external communications

- Creating and maintaining social media calendar, help plan and post social media, and track impact

- Maintaining and updating website content

- Planning, creating, and distributing educational video content

- Building and maintaining our community of supporters, collaborators, and audiences



- Identifying vendors for custom merchandise production

- Identifying and working with artists and designers to design and create merchandise

- Setting up and maintain online store for merchandise and donations


Required skills and experience


- Open-minded and curious

- Creative and collaborative

- Effective and clear communicator

- Highly organized taskmaster

- Able to work independently and manage time effectively

- Willing to speak up and give constructive and timely feedback

- Comfortable working with or learning common and new technologies (e.g. Microsoft Office suite, Google Drive, Notion, Airtable, Wix, Slack, social media management tools)

- Interest in working to improve the ocean, conservation, climate change, and/or environmental justice


Helpful skills and experience

- Education and/or experience in startup/small business/nonprofit development

- Familiarity or experience with the education, nonprofit, STE(A)M, and/or museum sectors


Schedule and Compensation


This is a part-time, contract position, working approximately 20 hours per week at $20-$25 per hour, depending on experience. The position will start with a six-month contract, with the option to renew/extend or become a PT to FT employee, depending on our success with fundraising. The hours and days worked are flexible, as long as the work gets done on time. Unfortunately, we're not yet able to offer additional benefits, but researching and helping us get these set up will be part of your work.


And it should go without saying...


OceanLab is committed to growing and diversifying the community working to protect the ocean and climate, and that starts within. We're excited to have applicants from all identities, genders, sexualities, races, ethnicities, abilities, and all the intersectional spectra on which humans exist. We also welcome interest from diverse lived experiences and all walks of life, including parents, veterans, the formerly incarcerated, and even cat people.


Application Instructions


To apply, please submit your résumé, a cover letter, and your contact info here: [Lab Manager Application]


Please do not email about this position. We appreciate your patience as we sort through a mountain of applications, and will let you know as soon as we have a decision (Even if the answer is "not right now," we won't leave you hanging!)

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