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There are few experiences as powerful and wondrous as underwater exploration. Whether it's peering into a tide pool or taking a submarine to the bottom of the ocean, the underwater world is full of curiosities, mysteries, and inspiration. At OLLIE, we want to share that experience with as many people as we can.
But true ocean exploration is a challenging task, requiring time, money, training and opportunities that are often out of reach. That's why we built our immersive learning lab: a "virtual submarine" able to transport you from the shallows of a coral reef to the darkest depths full of fantastic creatures.
We then pair these immersive, multisensory experiences with hands-on exploration. We use tools like microscopes, digital maps, and an augmented-reality sandbox to dive into the details. And because we learn best when we learn together, we design all our activities and experiences to be shared with your friends and family, guided by knowledgeable and friendly ocean experts.
Most importantly, everything we make–our immersive space, our engaging activities, and our wondrous experiences–is mobile. This allows us to bring the ocean to the people, to places and communities where it is least expected and most needed.
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