Our new AR Sandbox!

We recently finished building our portable Augmented Reality Sandbox, a fantastic tool for exploring, learning, and playing!

The AR Sandbox combines the tactile joy of playing with actual sand and captivating responsive technology. With our sandbox, we can connect learners of all ages with complex concepts like watersheds, island formation, or how we explore the seafloor.

The AR Sandbox was initially designed by Oliver Kreylos at UC Davis. Using his instructions and code, we were able to build our own, in a highly portable format that folds up and rolls! Check out our videos on Instagram to see it in action.

While it's powerful for teaching a lot of different concepts, my favorite thing about the AR Sandbox is that it's clearly fun for everyone... it was clearly a hit at the Cambridge Science Festival, but it was also a huge hit at my grandparents' retirement community! I'm really looking forward to bringing it more places as we expand our impact!

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